Handmade one of a kind Dålls

from Norway



I'm so glad you found my Dålls!


Dålls are handmade mostly from second hand fabrics and lots and lots of love. They can be played with gently or just displayed in your home. Follow Dåll on Instagram for backstage photos!


You can buy the already finished Dålls and Dåll clothes in my shop, or you can order a custom Dåll, then you can take part in deciding the looks!

Maybe one that looks like you?

News lately:

25th of October:

Birthing Dålls! Someone got to give birth to the new babies after all. Their tummy is bulging and on the inside lays a tiny new Dåll with umbilical cord and placenta.



9th of October:

Baby Dålls! I have wanted to make babies for so long, and now they are finally here! So small and cute.





28th of June:

Dåll Mermen!! Yes! Its true - I have started a new line: Mermen with beautiful tails. They come in a fish net that doubles as a hammock and a sea weed scarf (or fish net scarf).





8th of June:

My Dålls with beards have just become shaveable!! Okey...not the ones who already got beards though...but Ådne got a snap on - snap off beard!! He can choose how he wants his facial hair depending on style and how he feels at the moment!

How cool is that?!


What can you buy here?

Handmade dolls heirloom dolls
Handmade dolls heirloom dolls
Beautiful embroidered faces on dolls the
Doll clothes handmade

Dålls with several special outfits, accessories and bag

Mermen Dålls with sea weed/fish net accessory and fish net hammock

Påcket Dålls, tiny travel buddies with their own pocket and surprise inside!

Handmade dolls heirloom dolls

Dåll clothes as a supplement to your Dåll

Mum made pin cushions in different colors

Hi, I'm Turi Marte, the Dåll maker


Dåll are a supersmall business:

it's actually just me! So you get an answer from me if you ask for something on the Dåll page or order your very own Dåll!


I hope to hear from you.





By the way, if you are wondering about the strange letter Å, in Norwegian we got three extra letters: ÆØÅ.

Å is pronounced something like the O in the word "doll."

Since my last name is Ånerud, and I'm from Norway,

I kind of made it my special mark!


Oh, and by the way - by the way: we also use two As to

represent Å when the real letter is not available: daall

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Dålls are my original design an can NOT be used to mass produce or create copies in anyway without contacting me and making an agreement.

Dålls are not CE-tested and can therefore not be called toys, even though they are somewhat tested for loose items. They fit best to display in the kidsroom or for gentle dress up and for more grown children/grown ups.