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What Dålls are made of - Motivation and goals

About the maker

Choose your Dåll


Dålls come in a variety of skin colors, hair colors, hair qualities, embroidered details and looks! Boys, girls and all genders and Dåll look-a-likes, and I would love to make Dålls with different disabilities! Now there is also pregnant birthing Dålls, and of course babies!


The regular Dålls are approximately 45 cm long (but quite thin).


I also have Mermen Dålls. They have a basic color each, and come with a sea weed or fish net accessory, and a big fish net bag that doubles as a hammock!


You can choose to buy an already finished Dåll that are listed here, or you can choose the Custom Dåll option when there is open spots (here you can choose between regular Dåll, merman or pregnant Dåll)! Check the Gallery to get inspired!


Find you special little friend - just for you! Or for someone you love!

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Påcket Dålls

There is also tiny sized Dålls, 14cm/5,5 inches tall with little pockets and clothes.


They each come with their own little secret gift inside a little hidden pocket inside - something to make them even more magical.

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Order your Dåll


When you have found your friend or want to take part in the design process you order the Dåll in the Shop.


If you have any questions just contact me.



One Dåll with clothing normally costs 1200NOK included shipping worldwide. You can convert to all currencies here: Currency converter. You can pay with Paypal, VISA card or by partial payment (within a month). Look in the Shop for more info.



A finished Dåll and/or finished Dåll clothes I ship in 2-3 business days and then the postal decides but it can be up to 4 weeks postal.


A design Dåll and/or Design Dåll clothes takes between 2-4 weeks (if nothing strange happens) plus postal, but it also depends on how fast we together get our design process finished.

Taking care of your Dåll


When you get your Dåll I hope you LOVE it and take care of it. But you should not wash it in the washing machine since it's often made out of wool that can be felted, or pieces that can shrink or fall off. Clean with a damp cloth.


And: since I can't promise that the little pieces don't fall off I do not recommend the Dålls to be played with by very young children, they love gentle play, dress up and being displayed. Also the clothes can be a bit tricky to take on and off so they can be a little challenging for smaller kids. I try to fasten everything securely, but my Dålls are not CE-tested.

You can even have a doll that looks like your grandpa!
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Your Dåll are made out of love


Well, they really are, but also cotton fabric, polyester filling (allergic friendly) felt or wool/cotton string for hair and embroidered face and nipples (all Dålls have nipples, like all mammals!). Their clothes is made out of vintage fabric and second hand clothes, as well as some new fabric and new and old details as ribbons, borders and cute little buttons. If you want to see more about the prosess check out Dåll's Instagram!


I have made the patterns for the Dålls and their clothes myself and everything are homemade and unique for Dålls.


Dålls are made in an animal free, smoke free environment.

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My motivations

and goals:


I don't want to earn a lot of money on my Dålls, it's a hobby.

I just figured that: if I loved making them and someone else would love having them - why not? So my motivation is just trying to make something fun and wonderful and hope that someone else will love them when I can't hord them anymore.


My goal for me as a creator is to evolve as a creative person, listen to myself when I need a break, make new awesome stuff, learn new techniques and have a lot of fun!


My goal for Dåll is to make Dålls with a variety of personalities, skin colors, hairdoes, disabilities, gender expressions, styles and details. I want my Dålls to enable, support, strenghten and empower people everywhere!


My goal for my production is to use secondhand and vintage fabrics and details as much as possible and reuse old cardboard packaging for sending. Even my packaging tape is recycled plastic! Because: environment.


About the maker

Turi Marte Brandt Ånerud



I am 28 years old, live in Trondheim, Norway and love to make stuff with my hands! Since I was a kid I have always loved to create little personas in paper, drawing, and clay. To make them in fabric is even better.


This is not my daytime job though, not even a job actually! In the daytime I'm working at The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, Norway.


Dåll was launced in Januray 2017.


Turi Marte Brandt Ånerud dollmaker designer doll

Dålls are my original design an can NOT be used to mass produce or create copies in anyway without contacting me and making an agreement.

Dålls are not CE-tested and can therefore not be called toys, even though they are somewhat tested for loose items. They fit best to display in the kidsroom or for gentle dress up and for more grown children/grown ups.