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Trondheim, NORWAY

Frequently Asked



What are the prices in my currency?


1200NOK is approximately: $140, £112 or €132.

If you like shipping with tracking: +250NOK worldwide (approx: $29, £23 or €27).

(This do not include custom taxes which may apply for your country.)


You can check all currencies here: Currency converter.



What if I don't have enough money right now?


At my Instagram you can reserve unfinished Dålls for no fee, send me a Direct Message.

If the Dåll have made it to the Webshop you'll have to contact me for partial Paypal payment. Your Dåll will ship when full payment is recieved. If you want to order a Custom Dåll with partial payment we can start the design process together before you have payed in full. An additional fee off 150NOK will be added for partial payment option.



I saw a Dåll I liked but didn't get to order it, can I get the same one later?


My Dålls are one of a kind and I rarely (never) make another one just like it. But if you saw something you liked please secure a Custom Dåll spot and choose the 'remake' option, or contact me. We'll figure out if we can make a Dåll that have the stuff you liked!



I would like the Dåll to look like me or someone I know, can it?


Absolutely! Secure a Custom Dåll spot and we'll figure it out together! If there is no spots available please contact me anyway.



Can I choose shipping with tracking?


You can choose shipping type when you order. You could even pick it up in Trondheim, Norway for free if you like! But if you are somewhere else in the world (more likely) you choose between shipping with or without tracking. Shipping without tracking are included, shipping with tracking are an additional fee, and includes a number to keep track of your package and a ensurance in most of the world. It's up to you!


Shipping worldwide with tracking: +250NOK worldwide (approx: $29, £23 or €27).



How can I pay?


I accept payment through VISA card (or other payment cards through secure Stripe), Paypal and Vipps for Norwegians. It is free to make a Paypal account and I recommend you doing it for online shopping either way. I accept partial payment, se question above or at the botton at the Webshop.



How long will it take for my order to arrive?


If you are ordering an already finished Dåll or finished doll clothes it will be sent off in 2-3 business days, and then it depends on the post, but I guess the postal shouldn't take more than 1 week inside Norway.

The shipment takes up to 4 weeks outside Norway, but I often experience that shipping take 1,5 week!


If your ordering a Custom Dåll you will receive an email from me in the next 2 days and when we have decided how the Dåll or clothes will look like you'll receive pictures as I make your if you want it, and you'll get notice when I ship it. The design process takes between 2-4 weeks if nothing strange comes up. And then the shipment time.



I want to change the clothes that comes with the Dåll - can I?


No, you can't. The finished Dålls have their outfits made for them. But you could shop additional clothes, either Finished Dåll clothes or Design Dåll clothes.



I can't choose my country in the shipping alternatives!


Just choose another country. It's just my webshop that requires me to plot in each en every country and ... nobody got time for that!



I'm a fellow doll maker, do you trade dolls?


Nice of you to ask! Thanks for the compliment. I rarely do trades since I'm more of a maker than a collector. But sometimes I do. So just ask on Instagram or here! Ecpecially if its an already made Dåll you want.

...or just contact me here - for anything!

Homemade Singer sewing machine home art design


Dålls are my original design an can NOT be used to mass produce or create copies in anyway without contacting me and making an agreement.

Dålls are not CE-tested and can therefore not be called toys, even though they are somewhat tested for loose items. They fit best to display in the kidsroom or for gentle dress up and for more grown children/grown ups.