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#1 Skilpadde

Was my first ever sewn doll that I made in true inspiration as a gift for a three year old (that loves it and called it Skilpadde, turtle).


#2 Sølvie

Was my second doll that I tried to embroider a bit more detailed and sew better clothes to. She is my little helper at home still. My aunt called her Sølvie.


#3 Åsa

Was my first darker doll, and the first official Dåll with a name that starts with an Å and who was sold through this page.



#4 Ådny

Was my attempt at closed eyes, I think it might also be my last as I have grown to love the detailed embroidered eyes. But I love her green hair!


#5 Åddlaug

Was my first short haired Dåll with felt hair. She is a little rebel, I love her piercing and the fact that she is a doll with an attitude and no dresses!


#6 Åddgeir

Was my first man Dåll, I knew I wanted to make men also, but it was even more fun than I could dream of! And people loved him and his eyebrows.


#7 Åselill

I knew I wanted to make another Dåll with crazy wollen hair, and bigger more cartoonish eyes, like Sølvie. And a redhead with freckles nontheless!


#8 Åsmund

Another cool man Dåll, young and colorful! I love his big blue beard - and ears for the first time! He is the first with jointed arms and legs, I think they're here to stay...


#9 Ånund

A wonderful manbun is the best part about Ånund I think. He is a lover and have quite a hippie vibe going on with his yoga pants.


#10 Åsvald

Wonderful yellow bearded Åsvald with his knitted sweater and kind soul, he got his own drawstring bag with a surprise in it and a dreamcatcher necklace from Mydreamdimension


#11 Åsleik

Åsleik has the most awesome beard and hair, and t-shirt (Åsåm). He also has a crochet backpack and is monocrome blue/white!


#12 Ågot

An elderly, but still fresch lady who loves to knit! My superviser wanted to buy an old lady but got her as a gift for her 60th birthday! Yay!


#13 Ålva

My first custom order. Ålva is a gift for a little girl with a name that means wolf. She ismade through real inspiration. I love her lace skirt and wolf hat.



#14 Åfrid

A custom order of a look-a-like Dåll! Åfrid looks like the lady who got her as a birthday gift from her daughter! It was really interesting to make a more realistic Dåll.



#15 Åke

The wonderful ginger Dåll with no hair and a great big mustache! I saw this in my head, but I think he turned out even better than expected!


#16 Ådne

Ådne - the cutest hippie! And the first Dåll with a removable beard! He is such a sweetheart with so many looks.


#17 Åsgard

I was sceptical of his bushy beard but Instagram didn't want me to trim it - and I'm so happy I didn't! He's such a happy camper in his bright warm colors.


#18 Ådd-John

My first Dåll look-a-like, a custom Dåll made in close contact with his wonderful owner. He has removable beard and is the first Dåll with tattooes!


#19 Åsean

The very first Merman Dåll! He has a soft and cute mertail, diamonds and a big, glittery flowing hair! And his own fish net bag/hammock!


#20 Åssea

Åssea was called an autumn merman by someone - quite fitting I think! He was given away at my 2K giveaway.



#21 Ålgae

Ålgae with the magical algae hair! I love how he looks like he's from the ocean without being blue.



#22 Åfin

A true blue merman! He is a magical merman escpecially made all sparkling blue and silvery! I love him so much.



#23 Åne

Åne actually has a removable merman tail, he got tattoos on his arms, chest and back, and his name means 'eagle' - a truly complicated Dåll.



#24 Åshild

Åshild is the first pregnant Dåll, with her own little baby! She's also the coolest Dåll aldy I've made, with piercings and black clothing.


#24.5 Baby sunny hair

The first baby Dåll ever created! I fell deeply in love at first sight! Babies are born with an umbilical cord and placenta that can be cut off.


#25 Åvild

The second baby momma with an ever bigger belly and big glittery hair! She is just the warmest momma with the oportunity to give birth.


#25.5 Baby blue hair

The second baby Dåll, with rich wonderful skin and bright blue hair! None of my babies have gender by the way.



#26 Ådd-Finn

It's a warm and wonderful elderly man, not much hair, but a lot of kindness in return!


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